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Introduction to Wroclaw for expats

On January 15, 2012 by admin

What’s up Wroclaw comes up with business solutions for your employees. We offer a service where you can leave your newly employed worker/expat in our hands for a day and we’ll crack the whole city for his own personal needs. People who never lived in Wroclaw need to know how to move around in order to find their own space in here. It’s always nice to hear about local habits and the way the city “works”. That’s why we want to show them places to shop, dine, go to the cinema or how to rent a bike for a weekend ride. We’ll let them know where is the nearest police station and areas better to avoid. We understand it’s crutial to know these basics which are common for locals but not so easy to possess by people from abroad. Small support is always welcome. Wroclaw introduction is a helpful hand for all your “troubles” during the very first days of your employee’s Wroclaw contract.

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