"...if you really want the soul of Wrocław to be brought to life, you've got to find What's up Wroclaw"
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„There are several good English-language walking-tour companies in Wroclaw, but Mateusz Kornacki of What’s Up Wroclaw provides a look at some of the city’s most fascinating hidden gems.”

Charly Wilder


“…if you really want the soul of Wrocław to be brought to life, you’ve got to find Mateusz Kornacki. A far cry from the automated tour guides going round the same old spots, Mateusz, on his alternative Wrocław tour, takes you off the beaten track, down the back streets, and even into ancient buildings to awaken your senses and imagination to the true character of the city. And he’s not just a storehouse of facts, but a great storyteller and passionate Wrocławian, a great combination which will immerse you in the city and give you a wholely alternative view on this incredible town.”

Simon Messing


“Mateusz is a natural storyteller, the best kind of guide. He does not simply recite names and dates but rather introduces Wroclaw as you might introduce an old, complicated friend–one who has his mysteries and his flaws but who is, in the end, impossible to resist. I wish I could bring him to every new city I visit.”

Amanda Ripley


„I took a three hour walking tour with What’s Up Wroclaw and their guide, Mateusz. I can highly recommend the company and this tour for anyone looking for an overview of the city. We covered all the major highlights but what I enjoyed most is Mateusz provided us insight into some of the more off the beaten track type stuff. He made the tour a lot of fun and was able to answer any question I came up with!”

Jay Ternavan  


„For first time visitors, the „What’s Up Wroclaw” walking tour is highly recommended. Mateusz  gives a tour of Wroclaw that was fun and informative. He gives a greater appreciation of the tumultuous history of the city, as well as an understanding of how the people of Wroclaw are inventing their future. If you want to go beyond the guide books and get a real taste of Wroclaw life, Mateusz’s tour is the way to go.”

Pete Ratajczak, San Francisco


“We worked with Mateusz on a couple of tours that all proved his very broad and accurate knowledge of the city, its history and context in the region. Beyond the learning aspect, we experienced flexibility, professionalism and enthousiasm beyond expectation in all of his tours. A delight to work with, real talent in the travel business.”

Remco – curator at Culture Congress in Wroclaw 2011, Eindhoven


“If you want to experience a ‘different’ city tour, Mateusz is your man: his love for the city and his eye for interesting details will reveal many a hidden gem that Wroclaw has to offer in the most relaxed and laid-back city tour you’ll ever have. Unconventional and modern with a great talent for story-telling (in perfect English by the way!) – definitely the best way to see and enjoy this lovely city from a different perspective. Five stars.”

Julian, Dublin


„I really enjoyed those several hours with Mateusz. His tour was full of historical details. But they were so light and didn’t feel like at school. I liked that the tour was not standard, Mateusz added information which is more relevant for our generation. His English was great. So I would definitely recommend him for English-speakers.”
Inna, Kiev


„I would like to thank Mateusz for a fascinating tour around Wroclaw. I really appreciated his presentation style and special viewpoint: Mateusz managed to show links between architecture, culture and history so that even well familiar spots appeared in a new light. I would also like to note Mateusz’s amazing sense of humour and his talent to add personal touch to his stories: during the excursion everyone felt involved and moved. To sum up, thanks to this tour I got to know a beautiful city and an extremely interesting person. Dziękuję bardzo!”

Anastasia, St. Petersburg

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