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On January 14, 2012 by mat.kornacki

Wroclaw is a city where a lot of human tragedies happened in the XX century. Thousands suffered in the World War II, some had to emigrate during communistic oppressions, some just moved out decades ago. The fact is that plenty of people often want to come back to the places they grew up, worked or studied. If you are one of those who left their heart in German Breslau or Polish Wroclaw we can bring back your memories. We specialize in looking through archive files, libraries or old photographs in order to find birth records, house addresses, old friends or anything that will bring back your nostalgic flashbacks from Wroclaw. Service is always tailoured especially for personal needs and requirenments. If you’re a relative of someone who was born and raised in Wroclaw also don’t hesitate to contact us. Wroclaw archives and libraries can really help you find out plenty of information about your family. So let’s move back in time and follow the paths of the past with What’s up Wroclaw.

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