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Bike tours

On January 17, 2012 by admin

Since there’s a lot of interesting areas which are pretty far from the center of Wroclaw we’d like to present you a brand new service for all of you. Bike tours – active and great way to see the most of the city’s attractions in just 4-hours. During the tour we’ll have a chance to see central areas of the city and take a look at the old town from a different perspective. Passing through Cathedral Island, promenades and green areas of Wroclaw we’ll have a chance to reach Centennial Hall area including lovely WUWA housing district and picturesque Szczytnicki park. Bike tour combines plenty of elements from City Tour and the Alternative tour and brings it to a different level of perceiving this city. So when you’re riding a bike and the fresh summer breeze smoothly blows to your face you can take a great bite of Wroclaw in just a couple of hours.

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