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Alternative walking tours

On January 18, 2012 by admin

Unique service that noone offers. It’s 3-hour walking tour dedicated to people who are looking for a true adventure in Wroclaw and want to feel like locals for a while. During the tour we’re skipping the touristic spots to get deeper into true Wroclaw life. We’re taking people to places not listed in guidebooks to let them see amazing spots where the time had stopped a long time ago. Passing through monumental murals painted by local street artists, we’re getting to areas where the architecture from the communist  days clash with 19th century German houses. We’ll take a look at some of the market halls and local activity zones. We’ll get to know about the modern city history from the 19th century, through the II World War and the time of communism. We’ll get a bunch of stories about Wroclaw nightlife or legendary bars and cafes. All sprinkled with plenty of awkward stories about places and people who wrote the chapter of Wroclaw nowadays history. It’s not just a tour – this is real Wroclaw.

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